Foldable Mini Washing Machine Rotating Ultrasonic Turbines Washer USB Charging

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Ultrasonic Working Principle: High-frequency vibration cavitation accelerates the dispersion and emulsification of liquids and stains to achieve the purpose of cleaning and sterilization.

Ultrasonic & Turbines Intelligent Interaction: Turbines working for 5 minutes and ultrasonic working for 1 minute alternately cleaning.

Washing-saving and Energy-saving, and Safety: The washing machine will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of operation.

USB power supply, high-frequency vibration.

Foldable bucket type, convenient to use, suitable for 1kg water personal laundry.

Small, lightweight, portable, suitable for home and traveling.

Perfect for limited space such as dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RV's, etc.

The mini washer is perfect for baby clothes, underwear, socks, towels, and more.

Washing Machine only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included.


Material: Plastic

Expanded height: app. 24cm,   9.45in

Folded Height: app. 5.5cm,  2.17in

Width: app.  32cm,   12.60in

Color: White + Blue

Power Supply: USB Charging

Optional Style: 2 in 1 basic version,

                         3 in 1 enhanced version

Quantity: 1 Set